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Purchase your subscription for a CSA.

We have created an online shopping cart via Paypal so you can now pay your deposit, your full share, your half share, and your egg share via your credit card or your Paypal balance.

Choose from the options below. Those paying just a deposit to hold their reservation will need to come back to the website by the due date specified to pay the balance of their subscription otherwise or you will lose your deposit. The deposit and subscription fee is non-refundable. Those who wait until the due date to reserve their spot and pay their subscription fee will pay a premium. We ask that you make every effort to reserve your space and pay the balance on your subscription by the due date. We have many people to coordinate this process with and staying on schedule is critical. Your cooperation by following up and paying your balance on time allows us to provide you with our fresh produce. We want to be farmers not bookkeepers so please help us out.

Questions? Please email or call us(410-658-3914) before you proceed.

Pick Up Locations

A list of pick up locations is available on this website.

Half Shares

This year we will offer half shares but only for pickup at our market locations - Calvert Farm, Newark and Baltimore. This is a great option for singles, couples and small families to get fresh farm produce in a smaller quantity. The cost is noted in the sign up form below - both deposit and balance are non-refundable and must be paid at the start of the season. If you think all you can manage is a half share and are not near the 3 market locations just mentioned than an option is to find someone to 'share' your full share with and split the pickups. Just note that person's name when you reserve your share.

How to pay:

Note that your 'shopping cart' may open in the separate browser window. Look for the blue 'P' for Paypal on your browser tab. Once you have chosen your full or half share and clicking 'add to cart' you can then 'continue shopping' and you will be returned to this page to choose an egg share. Or you can 'check out' and use a credit card or 'check out with Paypal' and use your Paypal account to pay.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

For those wanting a full share choose from the items below (notice that there are 3 seasons listed - Summer, Fall and Winter):

Summer CSA - 20 deliveries over 20 weeks - Full Share $600

Summer CSA Full Share
Note pick up location
Note share with (name)

Fall CSA - 8 deliveries over 8 weeks - Full Share $275

Fall CSA Full Share
Note pick up location
Note share with (name)

Winter CSA - 8 deliveries over 16 weeks - Full Share $275

Winter CSA Full Share
Note pick up location
Note share with (name)

Half Share

Only available at the market locations of Calvert Farm, W.L. Gore and Newark (must pay in full before season start).

CSA Half Share
Pick Up Location
Note share with (name)

Egg Share

If you want an egg share choose either a dozen or half dozen each week below. You must choose for the entire season (notice that there are 3 seasons - Fall, Winter, Spring).

Eggs - must order for season

Payment Plan

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